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Cuba trip (Jump Radio station)


Just wondering if anyone is going to try and win the trip to Cuba? I Could start to post code words.


@nursehilda - Please do…That would be great!


I have Monday and Tuesdays codes: Airplane, Vacation. Anybody have yesterday or today’s?


sunscreen and Margarita


I believe today’s word is POOL (Nov 9th, Friday)


I found out on Sunday they do it holidays and weekend too. Forgot to post Sunday’s code which was SUNNY… So make sure you listen this upcoming weekend.


And shoot me now, this Brooke and Jubal is worse than a reality show…


I feel the same. What we do for a free trip.


TAN is the word for today (Monday the 12th)


WAVES is Tuesday the 13th word


Has anyone been able to hear today’s code?


Not yet @winner but she just said it would play before noon, so sometime in the next 52 minutes…


SAND for Wednesday Nov 14


Ok been listening to Jump since 7 am (including listening to the bad cook story the second chance dating a million times over)- frig it wasn’t funny the first time and worse again and again…there’s no way I missed them giving out the code twice!! has anyone else heard the code!! Thankfully just a few more days


I was in meetings most of the morning so think I missed the cues earlier… Generally they do it once per host, so next queue may not be until 2-6pm timeframe, but maybe it is still to come, although I haven’t heard them say it is still coming on this segment… And yes, they aren’t funny at all, and gets tiring a show where they just keep pranking people or stupidity date crap. It’s never funny.


RESORT is the word for Thursday Nov 15th. I am off tomorrow and likely won’t get a chance to listen. Hopefully someone else can catch it.


Ok thanks for the heads up. I really don’t know how I missed hearing the code today as I haven’t left my office all day!! LOL


Word played early so I caught it. OCEAN for Friday the 16th. Don’t forget there are codes on the weekend too.


Thanks that was early! Have a great day!!


BREEZE is Saturday the 17th word