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December 15th Chat



Good day everyone!


Good Morning All.

I guess it is too close to Christmas to organize an M&G, but maybe we should do this in the New Year.

I am sure we can contact all the old Radiowall members and see what enthusiasm we can get going for this new group.

After all the work Greg does and has done, it would be a pity to see it die away.


Appreciate that Hepi. I just need another plan since codes are gone. Either way we had some good times over the years for sure.


Good Friday Mornin Gang! wow! It’s warming up…LOL! - @ Hepi - A M&G in the New Year would be great!


-14 still no good for me. I like plus 30


Morning All


I think you might need to consider moving to Hawaii or the tropics then!!! LOL


One day Hepi one Day :slight_smile:


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