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Friday 15th June 2018


Good Morning All

Another week gone - my, doesn’t time just fly past!!


Good Friday Mornin Gang! Gorgeous weather in store for us this weekend! Party-time excellent!


TGIF everyone. Crazy busy day yesterday. Didn’t even get a chance to check in on Radiowall.
@Hummer, a beautiful weekend in store for sure! Heading up to my sister’s cottage (a couple of lakes over from yours I think @drewdles) with my dad tomorrow. Then a BBQ at our place on Sunday.
@Hepi, time sure is going by fast these days. The best description I heard was that life is like a roll of toilet paper, the closer you get to the end the faster it goes.


Afternoon all! been still a few busy days… Don’t think we are heading to the cottage this weekend, have a family birthday event/pool party tomorrow aft/evening out in the east end of town, so likely won’t bother with all the driving back and forth with the cottage too… @mikey2shoes We are Otty Lake…

On an aside, for any Alice Cooper fans, there is a local band (Gamut) who also go by Malice and Monsters, you guessed it, Alice Cooper cover band, but not just cover band, they put on a great show… Haven’t seen them for some time but heard they are at Noose mcGuires this weekend for anyone interested (can’t make it due to the family party)… believe it starts 9pm

Here’s a video I found online of them:


@Drewdles, my sister is on Crosby lake, just south of Christie lake. Have heard of Malice in Chains and seen some of their videos but haven’t seen them live. From the videos I’ve seen, they are definitely “all in” when they perform.