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Friday 18th May 2018


Good Morning All.

Still seems loads to do before I leave tomorrow, still keep plodding away.


Good Friday Mornin Gang! - @Hepi - Bon Voyage!


Good Friday morning everyone and happy long weekend! @Hepi, with your departure fror South Korea tomorrow, I guess you will really be putting the long in long weekend.


@mikey2shoes - It seems, looking back, I have worked every Victoria Day for the last seven years…

So much for a BBQ and Beer long weekend!!!


@hepi The VIP lounges at the airport are usually got for a few beers… One time we had 9 hours to kill in LA I think it was, girlfriend got so hammered on all the free beer she spent most of the flight in the bathroom being sick, lol… Thankfully the staff thought she was just sick!

Happy Friday all… Not going to the cottage tonight so the girlfriend can watch the Royal Wedding in the morning… Our rooftop antenna ripped off In the last storm so not sure I can jerry rig something in time, and our cottage internet isn’t the fastest, so she is worried streaming might be choppy. So will head up tomorrow, but if it is pouring rain, we might wait until Sunday instead.



Good luck with the feed Drewdles