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Friday 20th April 2018 - 4:20 day


Good morning all, firsttime making a new topic.

Good luck today!

If downtown either enjoy 4:20 or avoid it and the extra traffic delays


Text TOYS now!


Good morning all. Good luck today everyone.
@Drewdles I drive past Parliament Hill every day, except today 'cause I’m heading over to the remote after work.
And apparently I missed another C2T…


Another busy day for me covering at work, was here till 5:30 last night, so unlikely to make it to the remote today, so good luck @mikey2shoes

Two more C2T’s today, hopefully you get in on those too!


Good Morning All.

Day off today, so missed the early C2T - damn


@hepi It wouldn’t be considered a day off if you couldn’t sleep in!


@Hepi we don’t seem to be helping our key cause lately… They say it’s easier to win the lottery if you buy a ticket…lol

@Drewdles, I have plenty of days off that I don’t get to sleep in… Have to get up and drive my wife to work if I want/need the car… It sucks but I still consider it a day off…unless she’s got a big honey-do list for me, then its just a workday that I’m not getting paid for…:unamused:


Happy 420!


@mikey2shoes So what you are saying you would love to win that truck so you can sleep in on your days off :wink: Although if you win the tools, then I am sure it will always be honey-to-do list :wink:


@Drewdles that is correct. Although if I win the tools, it might be more of a honey-I-want-to-do list…just sayin. :grin:


Less than 3 songs away!


Cue to text - NOW!!!


Text TOYS to 762555 now. Good luck everyone!


Well that’s that. Fingers crossed that one of us gets a phone call in the next few minutes!


That would be nice! New here… great forum! How many times can you allowed text? 1 or multiple? Thanks!


@Jason Welcome to the group… We have heard both, but the rules don’t specify, so we have been trying multiple times, so far, without much luck, although I know you don’t get disqualified as there has been a winner or two in here who texted multiple times and won…

@mikey2shoes No phone call for me ;(


Dan was the latest winner…

Don’t forget the remote today Fri. April 20 from 2:00-5:45pm @ Suzuki @ Motor Sports World Ltd. (1375 Clyde Ave)


Welcome to the group @Jason. @Drewdles no call for me either.


Text now to TOYS @mikey2shoes @Hepi


Text TOYS to 762555 now. Good luck everyone!