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Friday 22nd December 2017


Good Morning All.

Still in Aurora with my Thai’s in tow!!

Well, all the testing seemed to go well. Now just to sign the paperwork. This is where things get more difficult as they seem to question every word.

Still, if they want to go shopping this afternoon, they better sign up!!!

Let see.


The one thing stopping me from upgrading the site are these cables.

Anyone know a place in Ottawa? If not will have to just order and wait.


Hi Greg,

I use all sorts of cables in my machine, and have never seen these.

The only place maybe some of the specialist computer stores, but I think ordering will be the safest and fastest way.

Tomorrow at 8am ish, I will drop my Thai visitors at Pearson Airport, and start the drive home with my sanity just about intact.

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All - Sorry, political correctness just left the building!!


Thanks Hepi I just ordered it way easier. Have fun did the Thai folks take the deal? If not leave them in Scarborough. LOL