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Friday 22nd June 2018


Good Morning All.

Excellent start to the season for the Redblacks!! Really good win.

In Europe for the next two weeks, so will post if I can. Have a great Canada Day to all - I will be working no doubt.


Good Friday Mornin Gang! - What a great season opener for our RedBlacks as they spanked the Roughriders! @Hepi - Bon Voyage and make sure you raise a glass or two for us on July1st. Cheers!


Happy Friday all! Posting from the new phone but I think I could text faster from my old phone.

Safe travels @Hepi


Happy Friday all. Awesome win for the RedBlacks for sure! Safe travels @Hepi. @Drewdles, hope the learning curve for your new phone is quick. I’ve been using android phones of one flavour or another for about 10 years now and I still suck. My kids are masters though. One of them showed us by typing a random sentence that we gave her. She did it with one hand and without looking at her phone. And she was still shockingly fast!