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Friday 27th April 2018


Good Morning All

Another week gone - only a few keys remain!!

Good Luck to all today.

Thanks for all the C2T, got texts in, but no chance to say post here!!


Good morning. Friday at last, mixed emotions as I am happy it is the weekend, but disappointed it means TOYS19 is very close to ending… and not being successful in my endeavor…

Good luck today all. Maybe we’ll throw in some luck of the Irish to go with it today!


Happy Fryday all. Agree with @Hepi and @Drewdles, sucks that the keys are almost all gone. To soon to say there’s always next year but it is getting to that point. Good luck getting a key! Here’s a a bit of Irish luck for the last few keys. :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:


Text TOYS to 762555 now. Good luck everyone!


Cue to TXT is now. TOYS to 762555. Good luck RW’ers!


Ouch, anyone wanted to see Fleetwood Mac, you might want to start playing the lotto now…
Tickets start at $281.10


@Drewdles Ouch for sure! Is that through Ticketmaster? I looked online last night and Ticketmaster didn’t have prices yet. I could only find prices on reseller sites (and they we’re all in US $).


It’s on the prebuy for Suiteholders (we have a suite at work), although those are prices for seats not in the Suite… We can buy up to 8 tickets, however I am sure the owners will be snapping most of those up for themselves/clients.


Well that sucks. Was just talking with friends last night about going depending on the prices. That’s too rich for my blood though.


A cheaper option :wink:
RUMOURS - The Ultimate Fleetwood Mac Tribute Show

and here’s a YouTube a coworker found of them, some music halfway through:


Well keep an eye on it, maybe they’ll have some super cheap seats they release once they go on sale… And I think almost every radio station will likely have a few pairs to win is my guess.


Well signing up for Facebook yesterday didn’t help me either ;(
Time to delete my account now lol…


Robin just said less than 2 then corrected himself to 3 songs away… SO guessing it is really less than 2 :wink:


Text now - TOYS to 762555! Bonne chance!


@mikey2shoes Text now bud!


Key winner was not me, but Steve… He had his 14 year old son txt for him as he was driving…


Fyi C2T was just before 6pm, phone acting up though so couldn’t post and most of my txt confirmations are only coming through now :frowning: no phone call for me.

Have a great weekend all!