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Friday 2nd November 2019


Good Morning All.

Back in the fold again, at least for a couple of weeks before returning to Thailand again!!

Glad to see all are well, pity nobody here won a trip to Las Vegas, so lets save it up for TOYS 19!!


Good Friday morning everyone, and TGIF! Welcome back @Hepi! I agree, it sucks that none of us won a trip to Vegas. On the other hand @carebear won a trip to Dominican with Majic 100 which is just as good in my books!


Too bad nobody here won for Vegas or that anyone else won for Majic 100 , it just means that their are better things on the horizon for you people , think of it that way , anyways , have an awesome day and great weekend and stay dry!!


@hepi You are behind the game. Will be Toys 20 this year