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Friday 30th March 2018


Good Good Friday morning all. First time starting a new topic. Quiet day at home today, just a bit of prepping to do for Easter Sunday family dinner. Turkey is almost finished brining, next step will be sitting uncovered in the fridge to dry the surface to get a beautiful crispy skin when I cook it. Have to sacrifice an entire shelf in the beer fridge every time I do a turkey. Oh well, the results are worth it. :yum:
@Hepi hope your travel goes well today.


Happy Good Friday :grin:


Happy Good Friday to everyone! Enjoy the long weekend…eat drink and be merry!


Happy Friday all. I believe I heard Cosmo say tomorrow they will give away a key but he was also talking about the drive home show tomorrow, which didn’t seem right as no one will be driving home from work tomorrow… Not sure if he was confused, pre-recorded, or what? But would make sense they would have to make up a day perhaps to keep equal number of keys per week. Unfortunately tomorrow is a day of errands though, so unlikely I will get too much chance to confirm if that is true or not…