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Friday 6th April 2018


Good Morning All

So, last chance this week - Here’s hoping!!!


Good Luck to all today


Good morning! Sad news about Jonathan Pitre this morning.

Good luck today, as mentioned I am not going to have a chance to listen much today and I am away next week. So good luck to all in the meantime!


Good Fryday morning all. Late start for me today. Last day for another RWer key this week. Fingers crossed and good luck everyone.


Cue to txt now


What @Drewdles just said…lol


Apparently I work for the Dept. of Redundancy Dept…lol


Well that worked out ok, back online for a couple of hours…


So decided to prank one of my bosses while a bunch of us are away next week. He was complaining people spray too much air freshener in the bathrooms and with his office being close to it, he finds it overwhelming… So we went and got a few of those automatic ones that spray every 30 minutes or so and planted them around his office… lol, he’s going to be so mad, lol…


Less than 2 songs till cue to text…


Robin says less than 2 songs away from the C2T…


@Drewdles, I thought you weren’t going to be near a radio today…and you still beat me to it…lol


Well things went quicker than expected with meetings and errands, or maybe it was just meant to be I made it in time for the cue…


That’s good news that you’re back “online”.
Apparently I’m not getting Radiowall updates like I used to. I didn’t even see your last two posts until after I did my post…lol
Love the deodorizer prank… Hope your boss has a good sense of humour…


@mikey2shoes I hope so too, he writes my pay cheques! But he’ll never know who did it… And for the most part he does…
I never figured out how the updates work…


great, stuck in walmart parking lot waiting for the cue, don’t wanna be on the road when it goes down!


Guess Robin meant to say more than 2 songs away from the C2T…lol


I feel your pain @oh34rn. Been there done that too.


text now to 762555


Text TOYS to 762555 now. Good luck everyone!
There ya go @oh34rn