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Friday 8th June 2018


Good Morning All

@Drewdles - the only problem with the lawn doing well, is that it needs cutting more often!!

Some company digging holes in my front lawn yesterday evening - making a goddamn awful noise in the process. No indication who or why, except it is happening all down the street. Apparently they will return the lawn to its original condition… Well I guess we will see!!


Good Friday Mornin Rwallers! Gorgeous weather in store for us over the next 5 days! Woohoo! Beer on the patios and or backyard decks, cranked up music…yahooo!


@hepi yes lots of lawn mowing. In our area Bell is digging up everyone’s front yards to install fiber right to the houses for Gigabit Internet speeds, and they are supposed to return everything back the way it is too… we’ll see about that!

@Hummer Enjoy the patios!

Happy Friday to al!


Good Friday morning all. TGIF part 2 for me. Thought I was going to have a relaxing day off since I’m not at work but have car appointment right now, septic being pumped early afternoon, and bringing my dad to emergency eye appointment this afternoon. 4th appointment for him in 4 days. Poor guy (poor me too, having to take a lot of time off work in the last couple of months). Oh well, like @Hummer said, lots of awesome patio beer weather in the forecast!
Sad to hear about Anthony Bourdain this morning.


@Drewdles - OK, it is Bell digging up our lawn.

Lets see if they do return it to normal. I am not a big fan of Bell, so they will hear about it if they don’t.


@mikey2shoes Best wishes for your dad.

@Hepi It’s funny they have our whole neighbourhood margin except like 3 houses including ours. Not switching to fiber to the home anyhow so no biggie, however we got a notice saying it should be within a week. But looking where they are at I am guessing more like 3 to 4 weeks. I am sure they will leave some dirt, a few grass seeds, and expect you to water. Should add to resale value of the home having state of the art internet tho!

And an update on my washing machine saga. After being covered almost head to toe in black grease, the 26 year old has new life, ran a load with no leaks!

Cheers to a great sunny bbq/beer and patio weekend!