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Friday July 13th. 2018


Good Friday Morning Gang! - Another fantastic day…lotsa sun, beer’n babes at the Bluesfest, and of course great music. Hope nothing nasty happens today as it is Friday The 13th.! Doo-doo-doo-dooo!


Happy Friday the 13th all. Busy day running around getting ready to go up to my sister’s cottage for the weekend. Should be stellar weather for drinking and swimming and drinking and eating and drinking and…also a great start to a week off next week!


@mikey2shoes make sure you get a floating cooler, lol, not going to want to get out of the lake in this weather! And you forgot the bbq’ing/bonfire hotdogs part!

Have a great weekend all!


Ha @Drewdles so true. BBQing :heavy_check_mark: bonfire :heavy_check_mark: Vietnamese/Korean inspired hotdogs made by my foodie brother-in-law :heavy_check_mark: