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Friday July 6th, 2018


Well TGIF all. Another Friday off for me which is always nice. Cooler weather for a change but still beautiful although a touch too windy for my liking.


Hey all. Nice to have some cooler weather… Makes for doing anything outside of the house a bit more enjoyable. Even Dairy Queen had no lineups, which is unusual when it is warm as they are often out the door, I think people were just afraid to leave the house to even go and get ice cream!

@Hepi Been several weeks for many places in Bell with no grass yet. Talking to my neighbor she said they are filling it in with lots of gravel, not leaving much room for dirt and are supposed to be putting sod down to replace everything. She is always home and got the tour of how they do everything and all the explanations from the crew.

Have a great weekend all. For those going to Bluesfest, enjoy!