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Friday March 23rd. 2018


Finally! Text TOYS to 762555 now.
@Hepi it’s time to text.


Winner of a key was Glen


I knew it was not me, as my phone remained silent…


I knew it wasn’t me as I picked the wrong time to go pinch-a-loaf just before C2T! Sigh!:disappointed:


Haaa I hear ya @Hummer. There’s been a few times I’ve been at work hoping for a long song to come on so I know I’ve got half a chance to go pinch off a quick one and get back before the song ends…:rofl:


Text TOYS to 762555 now.
@Hepi it’s time to text.


Shoot was out of my office and missed the cue… That should improve your odds by about .0000000001% with me not trying… Have a great weekend all!


MY HUSBAND GOT THE KEY!!! We are going to the party (he is the Tom Kelly who just won the text key) YAY!


@Kellyka - I thought yer hubby was taking me! lol!


BAHAHA did you hear him he said my wife has been the one trying she will be pissed!! LOL


Well holy crap. Well done @kellyka…or, I guess I should say well done “Mr. @kellyka”…lol. That’s close enough to being another RWall winner in my mind.


Yes since he only texts when I text him to let him know it’s time! LOL


In that case, it’s just as much your win as it is his