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Friday, March 8th, 2019


Morning Radiowallers…Let us hope today is a lucky day.


Good Friday Mornin Gang! - Good luck to everyone!


Good Luck to all today


Text toys now


Going to have to start showering with my phone since I missed the cue. Good think my phone is waterproof lol. Good luck today all!


Good morning all and good luck to everyone except @Hummer (since he already has a key) :wink:
Looks like I completely missed this C2T. Oh well, at least breakfast was good.


I just heard the Toys ad that they run. Part of the ad says something like “…when you hear the cue, text TOYS to…” Now I understand the confusion and why I thought I heard the cue the other day when I caught the tail end of the ad.


Anyone heading out to Morewood this weekend? A bit of a hike, I might, depends what else we are up to…
Across the lake from us someone had a four piece Guildcrest cottage installed, it was kind of cool watching the whole process… I think this one is small enough it is one piece though…


Sounds like cue is in next 30 mins


I heard the same thing, in the next half hour


Text now @Hummer @Hepi @Drewdles @nursehilda @snowwhite @Greg @kellyka @haw @oh34rn @cato07


Txt now @Burt


@Drewdles - Since I have a key…you might as well remove me from your Text now posting, and perhaps add someone else.


@Hummer Yes good idea, that way I can add Burt in and not have to do two notifications… Sorry about that…


@Drewdles, I’ll be heading down to Morewood for sure. Not sure what time we’ll be going though.


I still can’t figure out the Google Chrome autofill for filling out the hourly form. I did the more address thing under settings, but everytime I go to complete the form it fills out some of the fields sometimes, all but my age other times, it’s like it picks randomly what fields it like to fill in when I select my address, very weird… Technology for you…

I know the gf will likely want to do a Guildcrest home once whenever we go ahead converting the cottage into a home (cottage is old 1960’s, so getting pretty old now)… So much quicker and easier and they are sealed so much better so very efficient… So she may want to check it out too…


@Drewdles, I’m entering the hourly draws on an Android and what you are describing is pretty close to my results. Random. Very frustrating, tech is not supposed too give random results. Here are the steps that I do that seem to give reasonable and somewhat consistent results.

  1. log out (there’s a little log out button just below where it says your entry has been recieved). That should bring up the entry form. Don’t be tempted to fill it in, in my experience the fields will all be filled out wrong.

  2. swipe down to refresh the page (once it refreshes it should say you need to be a member/log in).

  3. swipe down again to refresh again. This time it should log you in and display the entry form.

  4. tap to put the cursor in the “first name” field. Then the autofill addresses should come up.

  5. select the autofill address that you want to use. It should prefill most of the fields. Note that there is also a “clear fields” option there too which you can use if the fields are really messed up. (mine usually fills in everything but age and sometimes the phone number).

  6. fill out the empty or incorrect fields and then submit.
    I find the more I use it, the better we get along. It seems to learn a bit, and I get better at figuring out it’s randomness…
    Or you can just fill out the form manually…lol


@mikey2shoes Thanks, Oh how I miss Blackberry 10 OS, it was so much SMARTER than Android… You would think something with so many more users would be better, but clearly not… One of the many small idiosyncrasies I find with it…


So finally back in the swing of things. I see a few people in here have keys? Congratulations! @snowwhite did you get your notification issue sorted out?


Did anyone see how bad the conditions are if you win the cottage? It is actually pretty restrictive and onerous to do. TOYS Terms and Conditions Sure I will take it but seems a little complicated.