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Friday, March 8th, 2019


ya, i would take the $50,000 cash prize instead of the cottage


I"ll be heading down to Morewood too. Can’t miss out on a chance to get a key. Planning on going early. The Chez guys won’t be there until 10 am


@greg that does seem pretty complicated. I notice that you have to confirm acceptance AND delivery location by June15, 2019. That gives about a month to find land to build it on. I’d take the cash for sure even though it’s less than half the value of the cottage…


and you forfiet the cash prize if whatever reason it can’t be built


All the electrical, police escorts permits land is all on you to figure out.


Also notice that the Lexus is used:
" One (1) Used 2017 Lexus NX 200T with Premium Package (the “ Vehicle ”) starting with 24,750 kilometers from Import Car Centre. The Vehicle must be insured by the Winner prior to prize fulfillment."

I guess beggars can’t be choosers … :slight_smile:


Winner is responsible for providing the following items including, but not limited to, a foundation built to the dimensions supplied by Guildcrest, c/w R-22 wall insulation, purchasing and installing a natural gas or propane forced air furnace with a minimum AFUE of 96%, purchasing and installing a natural gas or propane hot water heater with a minimum Energy Factor (EF) of 0.67, completing any necessary ductwork, completing the electrical, plumbing and ventilation systems, eaves trough, all exterior steps and deck, drain water heat recovery unit, all permits and site work (excavation, backfill, driveway, well & septic), all site engineering (if applicable).


Do all the hookups need to be done in advance though. Anyone without land already is likely pooched… For us with an old cottage already, I was wondering if we could plop this on a foundation, leaving it all unhooked, perhaps toss on some solar panels and use it as a Bunkie in the interim, until we upgraded our septic and other things from the old cottage. But hey, I’d take $50k as well… But have to get a key first I guess before worrying about that. But yeah police escorts and all that is not cheap. The one across the lake from us, they had to blast a wall of rock, pave part of the road wider, etc. If was originally two pieces and they had to then rebuild it into four… But those are all good questions to ask when you go down there this weekend, about all these restrictions and timelines, etc…


ps. I am sure it can all be done very quickly if you use GuildCrest’s services :wink:


i think they’re probably banking on the winner taking the cash prize… unless by chance the winner was already in the process of getting cottage/land. i don’t think to many people would take them up on the cottage.


The funny thing is I think they said it isn’t build yet on the radio, so these things take a few months to build from what I have heard, wonder if they can even make the deadline lol…


if the cottage isn’t even built,would the winner get any say in the design, even minimal.


I don’t think so, you get it as is (these things need so much engineering, etc). We would likely have to expand it ourselves later if we made it our home, it’s a tiny bit smaller than our current cottage already…


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