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Happy Friday May 17, 2019

Doc, Woody and Randall are officially leaving, last show June 28 :sob:

Have a great weekend all.

TGIF everyone. Looks like it’s going to be a wet long weekend. Oh well.
It will certainly be odd when the Doc & Woody show is retired. Glad to hear it was voluntary (on Doc’s part at least). Not sure what will happen to the others but I hope things work out okay for them all.

End of another era at Chez…I’ll miss those guys, Doc anyway…Woody, I’ll toss back the occasional wobbly-pop at the Stitts Pub with him and the boyz!
Another wet weekend…sheesh! I’ve had 3 cuts now…too much rain…When will we ever get 5 consecutive days of sun!

Sad that the Doc and Woody show is ending. I’ll miss them, I’ll miss Randall, but not as much. Got to wonder how much Rogers threw at them to prompt the retirement, as they seem to enjoy doing the show.

While “voluntary”, my guess is it was more a forced voluntary/buyout and wanting to change things up. Will be interesting if it remains the same classic rock or not… And if Alex will return after having the baby or not…

I will miss Randall’s rants, and them picking on him… I guess as long as Doc, Woody and Randall are ok with it, then that is ok, as much as we will miss them… Too bad as you said they didn’t announce this before the end of Toys, so at the remotes, etc, people could chat it up with them, or maybe due to the forced voluntary/buyout (my theory), they didn’t want that…

Radio industry is a tough one, and they succeeded for so long… That shows a lot… But has to be hard getting up at 3 or 4am every day as they get older…

Sick of the rain too. Was hoping for the first bonfire up at the cottage now that the mandatory annual burn ban date of May 15th has passed.

And with all this rain, the mosquito’s aren’t going to be nice either… And the spraying where my parents live in Kanata doesn’t seem to help, they are still worse there than where i live in Kanata.

ps. Speaking of cottages, did the Toys winner say if they are taking the cash or cottage? I know you didn’t have to decide on the spot, but most people would have had time to make up their minds…

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