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Majic 100 Beach Please


Beach and Sand were two of the codes for the contest Beach, Please on Majic 100 Please share if you have more from today and going forward as I will too.


The 3 pm word was Shell


The 5pm code word was Sunset all one word


Link to enter your Majic 100 Codes


@Greg @Bustyb 4pm codeword for Oct 2nd is: CABANA


@Drewdles Thanks a bunch… there are more codes… All the ones I have so far are; Sunset, Surf, Turf, Bikini, Pineapple, Shell, Beach, Sand, Rum and Resort… there may have been sunglasses too, not sure. I missed the one at Noon


@Greg @Bustyb Do you have to enter the codes every hour or can you enter them at the end of the day? I personally preferred trying to be caller 25 then having to enter words all day long.

5pm Oct 2nd word is BAR


6pm oct 2nd word POOL


@Greg yes you do have to enter each one. It’s a chance to win… so I’ll do it!


@Greg and @Drewdles today’s words so far are; Beach Chair and Shore that’s if you are entering them


The 4 pm code was Bathing Suit, missed the 3, 2 was Pier…


Anyone have the word for Thursday at 7am. thanks


@Sue I missed the 7 am one :frowning: I have two other ones Cover up and Boat. I missed the 10am one… does anyone have that?


yes I have everyone except 7am … 10am is Clam


Here are all the words I have so far: Surf, Turf, Sunglasses, Bikini, Pineapple, Sunset, Shell, Beach, Sand, Rum, Resort, Cabana, Pool, Floatie, Bar, Beachchair, Shore, Tide, Tanning Oil, Salt Water, Pier, Tanning, Bathing Suit, Beachball, Snorkel, Cover Up, Boat

@Sue @winner @Drewdles @Greg - It will allow you to enter all the words from each day if you have not yet entered them. Weather they are acceptable, that I do not know. I’ve been entering mine in mostly the day I get them, but a few the very next morning.


Thank you @Sue


thank you @Bustyb :smile:


@Sue @winner I just missed the 11am word… ugggh do you guys have it. I set my alarms on the phone so I won’t miss the rest of them


Jellyfish was the 11 am word


Clam - 10 am
Jellyfish - 11 am