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Majic 100 Beach Please


@mikey2shoes 1 pm code was “Free”


This is a helpful forum! I missed the 4pm code. Did anyone catch it?

And also, are you able to put in the codes only during the particular hour or is it all day? Thanks!


I enter codes every hour, rules seem vague tho.


Oct 17 - 5pm word is BONFIRE


You can save all the code words and enter them 1 by 1 at the end of the day.


4pm= visor
6pm= hammock


Oct 17 @ 7pm - last word is: Hot tub :bath:


Oct 18 - 7am - two words - “white sand”


8am is wetsuit


Thanks for the codes last night and this morning. I won’t be able to listen or post much today.


Oct 18 - 9am word is GOGGLES


Oct 18 - 10am word - BEACH BAG (two words)


Oct 18 - 11am codeword - HORSESHOES (all one word)


Oct 18 - noon codeword is FRISBEE


Oct 18 - 1pm codeword is BOCCE


So this morning (I only get up and out of bed after 7:15 - 7:20) I hit the snooze button like 4 times minimum. Anyways… my phone rings this morning, at 7am… I have only brough my cell down stairs in the hallway, in the off chance they are going to call me. Last night, I put my phone in my room, the first and only time. So, ring, ring, ring (all dissorentened and irritated that I am being woken up before my first hit of the snooze button) thinking… holy shit!!! I won… I won… Nope… just my sister calling me. uggghhh Lesson learnt… if I leave my phone in my room, maybe it’ll ring again, and this time with good news.


Would have been funnier if your sister played a prank on you and blocked her number and pretended to be Angie…done that before!! LOL


@Bustyb I had that once on Chez106, you text in, they call back for Toys 19, thinking I had qualified, but it was a telemarketer ;( And shame on your sister for calling so early!


I called a friend for Chez telling them that their name was called and to hurry up and call back, and to be more convincing, had other friends calling him too…so he calls in…and they actually played the call…as they knew he’d been played! LOL


Oct 18 - 2pm codeword FOOTBALL (one word)