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Majic 100 Beach Please


:skull_and_crossbones: “Pirates” :skull_and_crossbones: @ 1pm


Thanks @100-years-old, I just got noticed that I missed it.


Oct 22 - 2pm word is “Sunshine”.


Sunshine twice in one day?
I missed it.


He messed up…stay tuned to what they will be doing about this!


two codes coming up at 3pm because of the mistake :slight_smile:


But if a person keyed in Sunshine, and now keys in the two other codes…does it mean they are in twice or have the extra code?


Oct 22 - 3pm words are “Speedo” and “Dune Buggy”


Holy you are fast mikey2shoes


Speedo was already given in the past!!


Ha. Between work and trying to listen to Majic & Chez, I didn’t even notice the repeat on Sunshine…lol thanks for the heads up on that everyone.


Yep, I agree that Speedo was already used, but at least it wasn’t today…lol. I put both 3pm words in. I figure if they say it on air twice, they can’t really disqualify anyone for using it twice. These contests seem less than than organized lately.


@carebear, I have the post ready to go except for the code word(s). Also, I only seem fast 'cause @Drewdles isn’t posting today.:wink:


Oct 22 - 4pm word is “Adventure”


two 5 pm words Stars and Monday


Yay for bonus words!!!


Oct 22 - 5pm word is STARS
He also announced a bonus code of MONDAY


Thanks Drewdies, so you know if . the bonus code is to be input with Stars or on its own?


On its own he said.


Oct 22 - 6pm - DISCO