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Majic 100 Beach Please


excellent carebear!!! congrats enjoy


Last code of the day 7 pm Seahorse


Thanks @winner.


Good luck, all! :crossed_fingers:


Oct 23 - 7am word is HUMIDITY


Oct 23 - 8am word is “Shade”


Oct 23 - 9am word is “Parrot”


Oct 23 - 10am word is PARASAIL


Oct 23 - 11am word is MONKEY


Thanks for the word of the hour. Had Majic on but totally zoned out of hearing it I guess, cause when I lifted my head to look a the time, it was 11:05.


@Drewdles - mickey2shoes and everyone else…t/y for posting the daily words…much appreciated.


The noon hour code was Shallows


Oct 23 - 1pm code word is AQUA


Bahh, got distracted and forgot to listen for the code word again. Thanks again @Drewdles.


thanks @Drewdles I missed that one


Oct 23 - 2pm word is ANGIE


Anyone else getting tired of clicking on Sidewalks, Traffic Lights, and Cars???


omg yes! is there no way to go around this every time?


I don’t get it every time, only sometimes, but still with 12 codes a day, I see enough of them… At least change it up to some other images once in a while, I find some of them so picky that I get them wrong…


At work I’m doing it all on my phone. I do get the “select all the images with…” crap, but probably less than once a day. At home on my laptop I get them far more frequently. And yes, I find some of them annoyingly picky/hard to pick out.