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Majic 100 Beach Please


Oct 23 - 3pm code word is WARM


You must be feeling somewhat better @Drewdles , your posting speed is back up to normal…lol


Oct 23 - 4pm word is “South”


I heard this is the last contest week.
Good luck everyone!
Thanks again for all the code words


@Sassy yes last week last few trips avail!


The 5 pm code is “Marina”


Oct 23 - 6pm - Latenight


I can’t believe I was late joining to the group…thank you all for codes, looks like I got 1 chance left on Monday… Hope one of you win!!


Oct 23 - 7pm - Entertainment


You have a chance Wednesday , Thursday and Friday also , every day they call someone
Good luck to everyone


:beach_umbrella: Good Luck, everyone!!! :dolphin:


Oct 24 - 7am code word is WARMTH


Oct 24 - 8am word is “Marine Life”


Oct 24 - 9am word is “Sunny”.


Oct 24 - 10am word is SHOWS


Oct 24 - 11am word is BEACHCOMBER


To everyone in the group, Thank you so much for being part of it, for being nice and Thank Goodness no bullies. You all were great with updating codes, giving the code if someone missed it, and I just again, want to say Thank you.


Oct 24 - NOON code word is TREASURE



Not sure where the bully term comes into play? If someone doesn’t want to share codes they got…they don’t, and I’m quite sure there are lots of people taking the codes posted and don’t share when all of us 10 people miss a code…

I did suggest not to post unless one of us 10 ask, does that make me a bully??


@winner, I obviously don’t know what @bustyb might have meant, but the way I took her comment was that the Beach Please page (and Radiowall in general) is very friendly and full of positive vibes. Some forums are definitely not like that. In fact, a few years ago even Radiowall had the odd bully/rude/crude poster who would go over the line and Greg would have to ban them (and back then Radiowall was a lot racier than it is now…I kinda miss those days actually…lol). All that to say, I’m pretty confident that she wasn’t calling you a bully. :slight_smile: