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Majic 100 Beach Please


I read it the same way as @mikey2shoes


did anyone get the 1pm code. thanks


Lounger was the 1 pm word


thanks @winner


Ha. I missed it completely. Work keeps getting in the way…thanks again @winner.


Oct 24 - 2pm word is “Stress Free”


Oct 24 - 3pm code word is GLOW


Oct 24 - 3pm word is “Glow” although I’m pretty sure he spelled it Glo or Glw…or something like that.


Yeah I think I heard GLW… but pronounced Glow… Maybe the prize should be some speech lessons for them, lol…


Trying the quote thing again…lol
Yes speech lessons or at least spelling lessons would be good.


Oct 24 - 4pm code word is BASKING


@mikey2shoes worded it a lot better than I… All I meant was it was nice to have a group all helping each other, and that no one ended up being a bully in here. All to often different groups end up with someone being a jerk or a bully to some degree.


Oct 24 - 5pm word is Calamari


Too funny @Drewdles . I’m streaming Majic on my phone to hear the word. I saw you post the 5pm word about a minute before I heard it. Sort of like in the old movie “The Sting”.


@mikey2shoes I made sure that when I gave up my old Blackberry that I wanted another phone with a built in tuner. Just sucks you need headphones to use it. I am sure work would flip if I streamed all the time.


Oct 24 - 6pm word is KIDDIEPOOL


Oct 24 - 7pm is SEABREEZE


Yikes, good luck everyone and thanks… I would like to be part of the next one, you all do… G


@Bustyb - This site is the best one stop shop for all radio contest codes/words…no worries about bullies/abusers here…that’s why I’m here…any problems, just let me know!


Oct 25 - 7am codeword is LOUNGING