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Majic 100 Beach Please


Yes not very clear at all and neither are all the rules… Oh well, better that they have a vague contest than none at all…


@winner, sounds good to me. Two words it is!:slightly_smiling_face:


4PM word is Oranges


Oct 25 - 5pm is HIGHTIDE she didn’t say it was two words


Oct 25 - 6pm is LOWTIDE


Oct 25 - 7pm was SUNSHOWER I think. Might have been plural was in middle of dinner and forgpt


Omg don’t try entering the codes using an iPad. Holy crap. You click everything, then each of those images disappear, to come back with an image in it that may or may not be the image they are wanting you to click on. For you to have to do it 3-5 more times… ugghhhh


Good luck everyone


Oct 26 - 7am codeword is TREASURE HUNT (two words)


Oct 26 - 8am codeword is BIKING


9 am code whitecaps


10 am code Ebb tide


Oct 27 - 10am code word is EBB TIDE (two words)


beating out @Drewdles


11 am code Scallops


Oct 26 - noon word is MARSH


Oct 26 - 1pm codeword is SEAWALL (all one word)


Slow posting today as have to turn wifi off and post from my phone. My firewall at home doesn’t like this site hehe.


the 2 pm code was bicycle


Oct 26 - 3pm word is CASTAWAY