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Majic 100 Beach Please


Thanks really appreciate!

Cooler was the 9 am


@winner @Sue I am so glad that I started this chain… at first I didn’t think anyone was going to participate!!!


Hopefully we all win, and can toast our efforts on a beach!! LOL


Is anyone having issues with the “I’m not a robot” verification?

Could not connect to the reCAPTCHA service.

Please check your internet connection and reload to get a reCAPTCHA challenge.


@winner I had that problem last night, but it was my internet at the house was down… If on your computer I would reboot. And if on your phone I would close your internet/safari, open it, try and go to some random website to make sure your internet is working again, then try again (I know my phone kept caching the website so I could get as far as the captcha but then couldn’t go any further, so I thought the internet was working but it wasn’t if I tried to go to a random website)…


Noon word Oct 5th is WET


anyone get the 1 pm…got distracting with work!


1pm is TRIP


Thanks just waiting for 2 pm code…Margarita!!!


Hi! Happy Thanksgiving! Thankful to have found this page :wink: Anyone grabbing codes today (Oct 8)? This is what I have so far:
7am - missed
8am - missed
9am - missed
10am - reef
11am - swimming
12pm - sea
1pm - surfer
2pm - sandy
3pm - didn’t hear it properly, it is 2 words
4pm - spa


Anyone hear the 6pm word please


Anyone hear the 7am, 8am, 9am and/or 3pm codes?


Okay… so yesterday, being a stat, I wasn’t even thinking of the CODE WORDS… missed them all and missed all the ones so far from this morning… ugggh… now I will read above to see what codes people have posted…


Good job… If I find out any of them from yesterday I will post. @winner @Sue @Drewdles so you guys have any from this morning or yesterday… ?


No I missed everyone this morning so far


Frig, was out of range yesterday and wasn’t expecting codes to be honest!

7 am Seaside
8 am Leisure
9 am Getaway


I also didn’t think of codes on the Stat holiday, good thing my friend texted me haha


I was not aware they were doing codes yesterday since they didn’t give away a trip until today… usually on holidays they don’t do contests… Chez , Jump 1069, all the others didn’t do anything yesterday…
Haven’t had a chance to listen today yet, sorry.


agreed, but BabySeal_ca, posted codes for Oct 8? So glad someone did!:grinning:


Oct 9 - 10am word is PLANE