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Majic 100 Beach Please


Oct 10 - noon - OFF SHORE


Oct 10 - 1pm - TIDE POOL


@Drewdles @winner @BabySeal_ca - I also got the following words Bathing, Marine, Bay, Coastal, Dolphin, Waterfall, Off Shore, Tide Pool,


Oct 10 - 2pm - CURRENT


Should we only post when one of us on this blog requests…like why should we allow those who aren’t willing to help out but are willing to take to win one of the trips…


Oct 10 - 3pm - BOARDWALK


Does anyone have the 4pm code? Thanks :slight_smile:


5pm ocean side


4 PM was Sandbar


missed 6 & 7 … anyone have the words … thanks


missed 6, but 7 pm is surfing


6 pm was Sandbank


8am is swimsuit


9:00am word is Sunhat. Not sure if that is one word or two?


10 am is Mai Tai , two words


I don’t mind posting for those who missed codes, or who is unable to listen at work but wants to be able to still participate.


@mikey2shoes it’s one word. They usually will say it’s two words, and they did not say that for this one. If your unsure, you can always call their number and they will clarify for you


No, it is one word


Anyone have 7 am?

8am swimsuit
9am sunhat
10am mai tai


I missed that one too :frowning: @winner @BabySeal_ca @carebear @mikey2shoes @Sue