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Majic 100 Beach Please


Sorry @Bustyb , I missed it too. I’m pretty hit and miss with hearing anything on the radio. I always have it on, but often I’m not at my desk, and sometimes I miss hearing the codes even if I’m at my desk. :confused:


Early bird gets the worm!!

The 7 am word was Seaward


11:00am word is Blue.


@winner RE: posting codes - personally, it doesn’t bother me.

One observation though is loading up on codes for those not able to enter them when announced is only going to exclude them from the contest. ie. entering a days worth of codes at once will disqualify the entries; at least according to the rules. (or at least how I interpret them)

“Limit of one (1) entry per individual per hour per code word. If it is discovered that you attempted to exceed the above entry limit, all your entries will be void.”


That kinda sucks. I can’t be on my phone that much at work. At one of their coffee dates, someone asked them the question and it was said that you can enter them anytime, not necessarily during that hour.


It would be good if that is the case.


I read that too, but unlike in the past, I would get an error message saying that I have already entered, but that was a daily code. So I would have to wait to the exact hour the following day to enter!!

Luckily I’ve been entering them hourly since the start, or after 7 pm and before 7 am, you can key in one an hour if need be!


Oct 11 - noon word - LAGOON


how did you get that before it was announced


@Sue Are you streaming, there is usually a delay? I am listening live and typed it as soon as I heard it.

I actually read this completely different if I really break it down, you get one entry per hour per code word, so to me that would mean you could enter every code word 12 times a day if you entered them every hour… I find so many of these contests the rules aren’t the clearest… I have been entering the word they announce during that hour only and will hope that secures me a win.


yes listen on my laptop


I emailed Majic and this is their reply:

They can be saved and entered all together at the end of the day since they are different code words

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Good luck!


The clause “same code is limited per hour”…which can only happen if someone is entering codes for you and you both enter the code during the same hour…


Oct 11 - 1pm word - KAYAK


@Drewdles you sure are quick.


@mikey2shoes Just psychic :wink:


Ha. Psychic is good but if you could influence the drawing of the name you’d really have my attention…lol


Does everyone have to fill out the form, then next tab key in code and then the not a robot verification? I have autofill, but still a pain to go back and forth…


@winner Yes winner, I don’t even have autofill, PIA…


@winner my alarm goes off, but I hit snooze, and then miss it, or I’ve heard the word, but by the time I get up and outta bed… it’s forgotten. lol Thank You for the word!!!