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Majic 100 Beach Please


thank you @drewdies


That’s strange, @RaydeeoWaller. I haven’t read the rules, but, I did call and speak with the promotions department for the contest, and she said, even if I have all of the words from yesterday I can enter them all in today. How I had interrupted that, is if you try to enter in the words more than once, using different accounts. You only have one mailing address that you’d used, but potentially you could have several email addresses you could use.


@winner yep, I have autofill on my phone as well but it’s still a PIA because it always fills out a random field wrong, so I have to check them all and make the required correction. Oh well, at least I have lots of time to do the entry.


It is a pia for sure having to type everything in but will be worth it if one of us wins , right ??


@Bustyb I have done the same, heard the word, get sidetracked before I get to enter it, and it’s forgotten… I now try to write it down write away somewhere, lol… Must be getting old…


Oct 11 - 2pm word is STING RAY


@Drewdles and everyone else… why do you think they are spelling it as two words? It’s one word Stingray. I have found that they’ve done this with a few other words too. Do you think it’s a way to disqualify people’s entry? @carebear I found that if I use my Ipad, it fills it all in for me… except my postal code, dob. @mikey2shoes what does PIA mean? omg are you guys going to laugh that I asked that? lol


PIA is short for PITA…Pain In The A$$…:wink: At least that’s what I think it means…


Yes, confusing when some are two words and some one word. Especially when they don’t clarify sometimes… Would just be easier if they made them all one word…


Oct 11 - 3pm word is TIDAL


Oct 11 - 4pm word SUNBURN


Just missed the 5:00pm word. Did anyone happen to catch it?


@mikey2shoes Gull for 5pm


I can’t get the catchtya to work on my phone right now. Anyone else having issues. I even rebooted my phone twice


@Drewdles it worked ok on my phone.
And thanks for the code.


I missed the 6pm code despite listening to the radio lol


I missed it too. I can say it was not given after whatever Justin Timberlake song was playing at 6:00 but after that I kind of zoned out and have no idea if I missed it or if they didn’t give it.


It must have been given a tad before 6, i looked at the time and it was JT


7:00pm word is pelican. Well actually it was the 6:59 word…


The 6 pm word…was Barnacle