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Majic 100 Beach Please


Anyone hear the 7pm word thanks


@Sue the 7:00pm word was Pelican.


Thanks for the great work with the code worpds. Haven’t heard any of them except for Gull on my way home from work


7 am - dive


8am Waterbottle


Do we key it in as one word just because Angie/Stu don’t state it’s two words…do you think they go through all the entries and disqualify those who key in a 2 words as 1 word?


I assume that since they said it multiple times and never said it istwo words it is one. I assume it is all automated based on number of entries and likely if it doesn’t match exactly it is automatically discarded. But that is just my best guess.


I agree with @Drewdles. I assume that entries are screened automatically for exact match. Or maybe they might set it up to match from a list of options so that it would match on either one word or two word spelling which would be nice.


9:00 word is Mussels.
@Drewdles, FYI I got the captcha error but it worked the second time I tried it.


Yeah I don’t know what is up with my Samsung phone. It had worked fine for every code yesterday until that one… I rebooted multiple times, deleted all history, uninstalled all updates, etc, still no luck. Installed Samsung’s BETA browser and it worked fine, checked all the settings, they are all identical… Still only the BETA browser works, not the included one… So now my autofill form doesn’t work with the BETA one, but at least I can enter when not in front of a computer… Logged the issue with Samsung, but I am sure they will take a long time to respond or not respond at all.


Oct 12 - 10am word is SNACKS


@Drewdles that’s too bad about your cell phone. I guess it’s good that you can still enter on it though.


@Drewdles, @mikey2shoes

Had all the same problems (Captcha and listening live, form issues etc etc), but not on phone but laptop…I ended up changing search engines (updated Google chrome too, and all problems have been resolved)…


I am pretty sure most Captcha issues are Java related in some way… @winner, I always find whenever I have an issue with a website, that usually Firefox or Chrome will then work… Didn’t try the Chrome browser on my phone though, been just using the Samsung browsers…


Oct 12 - 11am word is DUNE


11:00am word is Dune


Can’t seem ever beat you at posting @Drewdles…lol


My internet is just faster than yours, nanny nanny booboo, heheh…


@mikey2shoes that’s because @Drewdles lives closer to the station…LOL


Or my grade 8 summer school typing class paid off, lol…