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March 9th 2018


Good Morning All.

Here’s hoping for an RWer to get a key today.


Good Friday Mornin gang!


Good Morning Radiowallers…not impressed with more snow this morning. We are going to have to snow blow the driveway. This winter seems long and the sun never wants to make an entrance. Trouble sleeping last night so as I stared at the clock I entered the Chez…think I missed one. Oh well, Lady Luck is all in the turn of the wheel. Here’s hoping one of us Radiowallers score a key today. Stay safe and have a Good one!. :grinning:


How do you change your profile picture?


@snowwhite - Top right corner, click on your name, click on the thumb wheel, go into preferences, at the bottom, upload your pic.


@Greg - Please confirm the action I just took, as it was different from what I have done before.


my account disappeared I had to recreate it although when I tried to use my old username it said it was already taken! wierd!


@Greg - What changes did you make yesterday to RWall…see Kellyka comment and Hepi comment.


Just got out of a meeting…has the cue to text occurred?


@Hummer - not that I have heard.

And my comment to @Greg was re a payment to the site.


Ah, back on. Had to recreate my account. @kellyka - FYI my old username was available but I only did it this morning. I’m not sure but, if you re-did yours last night, maybe @Greg was still working on the site and the old version was still there but disabled at the time?
Anyway, Good morning all, and good luck with the the cues to text and the ballots at Hometown Grill this afternoon!

Oh, I also have not heard the cue to text yet.


Text Toys now!


What @hummer said… (Text Toys now):grinning:


Happy Friday all. I had to recreate my account too (lost my first badge!), but luckily my username was reusable…
Off to Toronto this aft for the weekend, unlikely to make it to the remote today:
Fri March 9 from 3:00p-6:45p (for the Ottawa Senators at Hometown Sports Grill – 1525 Bank Street…

Greg was nice to look into my connectivity issues, I have to figure out how to reply to his messages, especially since they seemed to all be under the old account… Will look into his suggestions next week once I am back…

Hopefully one of us RW’ers wins a key soon!


And just saw Greg’s post that he had to use a backup from March 2nd, which is why not everyone had to recreate accounts…


Ha. Yep, I just saw that too and came back to today’s page to post what you just did…lol


@Hepi Thank you Hepi for your donation much appreciated! Thank you for keeping this site going.


Sorry about the account re-creation issue was trying to fix Drewdles issue but it snagged. Gotta love computers :slight_smile:


Greg, sure, blame it on the newbie! Just kidding, appreciate your efforts and sorry for the inconvenience to everyone as a result…


Good Luck to everyone today and have a great weekend. The sun is suppose to shine. Yahoo