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March 9th 2018


Winner was a voicemail, name wasn’t mentioned… It wasn’t me ;(


And another reminder, onsite remote chance starting in about an hour…
Fri March 9 from 3:00p-6:45p (for the Ottawa Senators at Hometown Sports Grill – 1525 Bank Street


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It is worth a look see.


Got it it was a pop up issue I have blocked.


@Greg…Glad you got if fixed. You’ve go to love computers!


Forget computers Wife forgot to make my lunch so Improvised with popcorn :slight_smile:


I am confused. I looked up under rules and regulations on the 106.1 page and it states: “How many times may I enter a Contest?
Unless otherwise stated, each Contest has a limit of one entry per person.” So either Robin is wrong or I am going blind. confucious says “He who goes around n circles become Big Wheel some day”.


has the Q2T happened yet?


@snowwhite I’m at Hometown and I asked Robin. He said for the text you can enter as many times as you want.


Did not even hear the Cue to text but just heard Cosmo congratulating someone on it.


So the rule does not apply???


Anyone at Hometown still? have they done the draw?