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Monday 11th June 2018


Good Morning All

What a great Beer and BBQ weekend that was!!!


Good morning all… Beauty of a weekend for sure…

Spent a portion of it trying to reload windows on my work laptop. Misplaced the USB recovery key I had made and Lenovo doesn’t let you download it a 2nd time (dumb) they can only mail it the second time (which doesn’t help when I have two staff away on top of that). Finally gave up and was just going to get work to order me a new fresh machine. But stubborn me didn’t give up and found out with Windows 10 from Microsoft you can build a USB key image on their website and the new laptops don’t need windows activation keys, etc so finishing getting it all back to normal and reloading all my data this morning… was a bit more of a gong show but that was the simple explanation!

Have a good one!


Sounds like a lot of work, cussing and bad tempered moments…


@hepi There was a lot of that, it almost went in the lake, heck even coming back to this site trying to remember my login info lol… And of course after Lenovo tech support saying I can’t download it again, they sent me an email today with a new link so I can… sigh… Buy HP or Dell :wink:


Good Monday afternoon guys and gals. Busy at work so late posting today.
@Hepi, fantastic weekend for sure. I tried out a new sour beer that Bicycle Craft dropped on Friday. I’m not normally a fan of sour beers but this one sure hits the spot on a sunny warm patio!
@Drewdles, that sounds like it was a bit of a nightmare (and by a bit I mean a lot).


@mikey2shoes Was a nighmare but got it all running mostly the way I wanted early this morn. Was crapping my pants as the other senior people are away and I’ve been so busy covering them, there would have been no one to cover for me if my laptop wasn’t working. Definately having a beer tonight!

Grabbed a few IPA’s from the LCBO on the weekend for something different. Nothing seemed too exciting tho…


Or your might want to try Acer Drewdies


@Hugger1 For work we only use Dell, Lenovo or HP. Most of the office is HP. Had a personal Acer Ferarri years ago, was a great laptop, last a long time (however itwas also big and bulky and ran very hot).