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Monday 12th March 2018


Good Morning All from the Emerald Isle

The contest runs from 6am Mondays to 6pm Sundays, then it closes while they pick a winner.

It starts again at 6am this morning I believe.


First entry in already!!!


Good Monday Mornin gang!


Good Monday morning all. Week 2 of T19, and no key for a RWer yet. Oh well, it’s still early days.

@Hepi Yes, of course that makes perfect sense. It did occur to me on the way in to work this morning that might be the case…lol. Hope your business trip goes well and allows enough time to enjoy some Guinness and Tullamore Dew as well!


Good morning all, sorry I went so silent Friday afternoon and was unable to post the last queue to text, but I guess I had been too social that day and hand hit my posting limit… Hometown winners were Nicole Beauchamp and Robert Clouthier… It’s a new week for Toys19, so good luck all…


@mikey2shoes - Thanks. Already testing the Guinness and the Tullamore Dew.

Work progressing well so far today.


Which work is progressing well…? “Work” work, or “Guinness testing” work?.. Likely both I would guess…:wink:

Also, @snowwhite et al. Doc just confirmed on air that you can text as often as you like during the 5 minute window…


Did I just hear/miss the cue to call? or was it just a promo for it?


Let me say taht all aspects of testing are proving to be satisfactory!!! :smile:


@hepi they must be proving to be satisfactory. It appears that you are slurring in your posts… :grin:


@mikey2shoes - Hey - I am not as think as you drunk I am… hic


@Hepi As long as you can still reason out how to reply on the forum, I’d say you are still good to go… :beer:


Thanks. I heard that myself this morning but waiting to see if anybody else heard the same information. Problem solved.


Yep. Problem solved, except that I wasn’t sure if I had heard the cue or not this morning and stupidly didn’t bother texting… :man_facepalming:


Oh, I just remembered that Robin said the cue to text would be before noon.


Toys 19 second contest is up. Same type as before.


@snowwhite - which contest is that?


I entered the contest for Stanley Farms and when I searched contests again, the second contest of Toys 19 came up. Hope that helps!


Cue to Text supposed to be in the next ten minutes!


Text TOYS to 762555 now.