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Monday 14th May 2018


Good Morning.

What a glorious weekend of weather - many BBQ’s and a couple of beers - or maybe the other way round, I don’t remember…


Good morning all. Agree with @hepi it was a Glorius Weekend, and Friday my friend bought us tickets to go see Glorious Sons in Belleville in July with her and her friend.

The weather continues today, unfortunately with a 90 percent chance of work.

Enjoy! And tomorrow I think is the big day for those key winners…


Agree about the weather on the weekend! Even got out for a little bike ride on Sunday while my wife and kids were out for their annual Mother’s Day movie outing. I followed the bike ride with a nice lunch and a pint on the deck in the backyard with some tumes. Doesn’t get much better than that!!
@Drewdles, only a 90% chance of work today? 100% chance over here…lol
Apparently my picture uploading skills need work…