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Monday 16th July 2018


Good Morning All.

Back in work after replacing all the floors with laminate last week - well not me, I had someone do it, but it was still turmoil with a dog, cat and bearded dragon wanting to get involved and “assist”

Still, it all looks good!!


Good Monday Mornin Gang! - I should have booked this week off work to recover from Bluesfest!


Good morning all. So @Hummer we know your highlight of Bluesfest was GVF/FF, but other than those acts, what was your fave or some of your faves?

@hepi Smart call on getting someone to do that for you… I am sure it looks great! ps. Welcome home, even though I think I am a week late, lol…

Spent the weekend fighting the squirrels… I purposely decided to grow only Habanero and Jalapeño peppers outside… Figured they would be too hot for the animals… And I thought I was doing well, had four Jalapeno’s that were pretty much ready for picking, only to come home to find all four buried in the pot, one plant completely dug up, another plant completely upside down and knocked over and a few steps completely chomped off like a deer would. I know I don’t have deer I the backyard and deer wouldn’t be able to dig in my pots… So started googling… Put some skewers pointing end up, didn’t seem to stop them, they actually dug some of those out and others appears they pulled out with their mouths… So heard they don’t like tinfoil so went and bought a few rolls and put those under all the plants, will see if that works… It’s challenging enough to keep these things alive in this heat, but even harder to keep my assets safe from those squirrels, lol.


@Drewdles - I saw Jethro Tull…wasn’t too bad, but St. Paul & The Broken Bones, Dave Matthews Band and Beck were all fantastic…they are great musical artists that I would see again.


Happy holidays, uh I mean happy Monday all. First day of a week off for me.