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Monday 18th June 2018


Good Morning All

Nice and warm this morning.


Good Monday morning everyone. @Hepi, warm and sticky today for sure. And a band of storm clouds galloping towards us too. Looks fairly clear for a while after they pass though. (at least that’s what franktown radar is showing).


Good morning all, err afternoon, day flying by. Had a good wallop of a storm in the east end of town earlier this morning…

Spent yesterday mopping up the basement… I think the outdoor water tap is leaking, went into the one storage room to grab some tools yesterday to change a lightswitch and change the washing machine hose (hot water hose was dripping after I changed the pump so opted for a new hose to fix that issue)… Thankfully that was easy,… But while grabbing the tools in my bare feet I noticed the carpet was soaked… Also noticed the other storage room where the tap is above next to the window, was wet too, although it didn’t seem quite as bad. So the first room, the wettest it seemed, I removed everything, underpadding was drenched, carpet was soaked, and put everything in the garage and main area downstairs. Had to move my aging wine which sucked… Got most out of the other room but called it a night… Took a while to identify as there was no drip or water marks in the ceiling or the wall… Only after moving everything did I notice the drywall was soft from being wet the bottom inch or two above the baseboard under the tap… Doesn’t appear to leak all the time, I think only when the tap is on which is weird… Anyhow, gf is at home waiting on insurance people as carpets are ruined, drywall will need to be replaced, tap fixed, etc… Good news is we store most everything raised off the floor, so other than carpets, nothing really needs to be replaced other than cosmetic repairs of walls, etc… But even with the AC on it was hot as hell hauling stuff up and down the stairs… Had fans going, dehunidefier going etc… Not a fun day I tell you… Hard to find room for all of our junk!


@Drewdles - Ah man - I feel for you. Hope the insurance takes care of it all.


@Drewdles that’s a pretty crappy way to spend such a beautiful day. I changed both of the hoses on my washing machine a couple of months ago. The hot had developed a pinhole leak (more of spray mist actually). Changed both hoses and considered myself extremely lucky that it was a laundry day so I caught it. Another day or two and I’m sure it would have completely let go and would have been an insurance job.


When I had to replace the pump in the washer, I had to disconnect the hoses to tip the machine over… They were really hard to get off, especially the hot… Those hoses being old aren’t meant to be reconnected… After reconnecting it dribbled at the tap slightly, couldn’t get it tight enough and if I put plumbers tape on it would never come off, so just decided to replace that with a new one… Works great… $70 for the pump and $15 for the hose, cheapest repair ever… Even places like Home Depot make you buy new hoses if you want them to install a washer…


@Drewdles That happened to me too many times I lost count when I lived in Orleans and had a cheap landlord. Thankfully when it happened it was a good excuse to purge other crap we didn’t need. Think of it as it’s a good thing you found it now before it caused more damage.