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Monday 19th March 2018


Good Morning All.

I only used the radio Codes category as that seemed the most appropriate, and I could not see the general one we have been using. I guess this came with the upgrade…

Ah well, bank holiday here in Ireland, so a quiet dqay at work, hopefully going to get a lot done.


Good Monday Mornin Gang! - Bring on the keys for Radiowallers!


Text Toys Now!


Morning all. Missed the cue, was sound asleep… Hope everyone has a great week!


Also missed it. Was in the bunker - no reception in there!!!


I missed it as well. Not a great showing for RWallers this morning.


Good Luck to all today


LOL couldn’t find this post and then see the cue went very early when I was asleep! Ya I’ll never hear those ones hahaha being retired that’s way too early for me! Good luck everyone this week!


I thought I would have a good chance at 6:15am. texting 40 times in 5 minutes…so early bird does not always get the worm!!:disappointed:


I am going to be working in the bunker here for the next couple of hours, so will probably not see the next C2T!!


Good Morning Radiowallers…Working on paperwork today (ug)…not my favorite task. Good Luck on a key.


Hey guys…are we sure texting multiple times during the 5mins will garnish multiple entries? Or is this something someone mentioned and everyone ran with it?


@chesne it was mentioned on air once, and corroborated personally by multiple people. I personally asked Robin at the Hometown Grill remote. Having said that, your question could have merit. It just occurred to me that it is entirely possible that only the first entry is entered into the draw and the Chez folks are having a good laugh at our expense. Personally, I will continue pumping out as many texts as I can whenever I hear the cue to text.


I asked Doc on Friday at Kanata Ford how is the Text winner is determined and he said computer randomly picked!


Cue to text less than 3 songs away!


Text TOYS to 762555 now.
@Hepi - if you get this, its time to text.


Got it and got a few in before the 5 minutes was up.

Thanks @mikey2shoes


So i figured i’d try to put multiple entries in and managed about 150. Don’t know if thats going to do anything but meh…i guess its worth a try.


Winner was Shaun (Shawn)… Congrats


@chesne - How the F*&K do you get 150 entries in 5 minutes. There have been some other really high numbers around as well.

My fingers just don’t go that fast any more… :frowning: