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Monday 23rd April 2018


Good Morning All

Another week, getting close to the end of the keys

Here’s hoping…


Cue to TXT NOW!!!


Good morning all. A beautiful weekend, we made iit up to the girlfriends cottage for a few hours yesterday, ice is almost all gone, spring is here!

Today is going to be beautiful, wish I didn’t have to work…

Good luck this week, we need it!


Beautiful weekend Good luck getting a key this week.


Well Good Monday morning everyone, and hello Spring! You’re a bit late but glad you could make it!
@Drewdles, I dont hate my job but it doesn’t have to be a beautiful day for me to wish I didn’t have to work…just saying (on days like this I wish I was off even more though).


Anyone else notice that they got rid of the postal code on the hourly entry form? Chrome has been I PITA for me with auto-filling that form differently about 40% of the time up 'til now. Have only entered twice today but it might actually be working better now without the postal code field…no idea why though.


It was there first thing this morning!!!


Yup no postal code for me @mikey2shoes but I also noticed it won’t load the form on my phone anymore, I see the Second Street icon and all the social media icons, but it doesn’t load the form anymore…

I love my job too, but this is going to be the first true day of beer patio weather… (although gathering you might have started a day early yesterday with your daughter)…


Ha. @Drewdles how’d you know that? Did she tag me in a post or something? Lol


Well you posted on the weekend you went down to the Glebe with her… So I just read into it… lol…


@Drewdles I was confused because my post about going to the Glebe was back on March 25th. We had stopped in at Knifewear for my daughter to pick something up, and then we went down the street to Eddy’s Diner for a late brekfast…I remember it was a sunny day, but not quite patio weather… Yesterday though we had Bicycle Craft Brewery beers in my garage while I put her summer tires on. Not really on a patio but close enough for me. Sorry for the product placements but they’re just places/things I like that we went to/had.


Ok I am the confused one, for some reason that Mar 25th weekend post showed as unread (only one showing on my phone as new as well, so didn’t even look at the date…) Garage party’s are always good!


Cue to text NOW!!!


Missed it - In the Cheshire Cat having lunch…


never been to the cheshire Cat going for lunch for husbands birthday. they say it a great place


The food is excellent. Good range of beer. Nice staff.


@Hepi I’d say sitting at the Cheshire is a descent enough tradeoff for missing a C2T. :cat:


Perfect it is beer weather.


Did my hourly entry and noticed that on the screen after you submit your entry it now says “Your Link” with a link to country 101. I’m pretty sure it used to have a link to Chez? I know they’re both local Rogers stations but it seems odd to me.


That is a little weird…