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Monday 26th March 2018


Good Morning All.

Good Luck to all this week who do not yet have a key.


Good Monday Mornin gang!


Good morning all. Short week this week. Good luck getting a key this week.


Good Luck this week hope this is my lucky week


Good morning everyone! Moving a bit slow today after Judas Priest last night. Was great as we were right at the stage. But man Halford ain’t moving so fast these days, still has his voice tho!


Did the C2T happen already. I was sure I heard it around 640 this morning on my drive in but don’t see anything here about it.


@chesne, can’t help with that one. I had just parked and was walking to work. I hope it hasn’t happened yet.


@chesne it looks like you were right about the C2T at 6:40 this morning. Missed another one.


Txt now!!!


@hepi text TOYS noW!


@mikey2shoes TXT TOYS NOW!


@Drewdles thanks for the heads up. Was away from my desk for a few minutes and missed the cue of course. Your first “text now” message was 3 minutes old when I saw it, so I think I got a few texts in before the window closed…


Winner was Paul…


I think there is a delay in transmission today. I get e-mails a couple of minutes after the text appears here.

Still I think a got a few in - even if no success.

Thanks Guys


Has anyone heard who won last weeks hourly entry draw?

I did not get a call, so I assume it was not me!!


@hepi winner was:


I was pretty sure it wasn’t going to be me given the fact that I only seem to be able to remember to enter once every 3 hours or so… To quote Paul Simon in You Can Call Me Al - I’ve “Got a short little span of attention”…lol


I’m about the same, every three hours during business hours if I am lucky, but always forget in the evenings and weekends… I guess it only takes one entry to win, so a few is better than none…


Text TOYS now!!


Text TOYS to 762555 now.
@Hepi it’s time to text.