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Monday 28th May 2018


Good Monday morning Radiowallers. @hepi I hope your trip back from Korea was good. @drewdles hope your cottage weekend was good. The weather seemed better than expected.


Good morning all.
@mikey2shoes Weather held up well at the cottage, a couple of light quick sprinkles. Mowed the lawn, girlfriend hauled lots of wood Hydro One had cut down on the property and I cut it up and split it, lots of bonfire wood now. Gf got the boat in and we went out for a spin. So very productive but sore, scraped up, etc…
Caterpillers were out in force, it was raining caterpillers!

@hepi Hope the jetlag isn’t too bad, I always found going overseas was harder but that was more Europe.

No sign of @humemer yet this morning, he must have had too many pops while watching the leaders debate lol.


@HUMMER Did you see this contest?
Calling all Dad’s to the ultimate Rock N’ Roll Road Trip, just in time for Father’s Day and this trip requires a plane. Because it’s in freakin’ LONDON ENGLAND! To see The Rolling Stones and Pearl Jam.


Good Monday mornin Mateys! - @Drewdles - Yes I did have quite a few wobbly-pops last night with my neighbours…playin poker! t/y for the headsup on the new contest…I’m all in! @Hepi - Welcome home!


Good Morning, or afternoon or maybe night - no clue…

Good to be home though