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Monday 30th April 2018


Good Morning All.

So, very close ti the end - just a very few keys left!!

Also, a third of the year gone… I am sure time gets faster as one gets older.


Good Monday morning everyone. Final cue to text this morning (unless I missed it?). @Hepi life is like a roll of toilet paper, the closer you get to the end the faster it goes. Good luck on the final few keys!


Text TOYS to 762555 one last time. Good luck everyone!


Morning all… Doesn’t look like any further success with keys…

So onto better things, Cosmo has Fleetwood Mac tickets during his show…
•Tune into the Drive Home with Cosmo April 30-May 4 for a chance to win a pair of tickets to Fleetwood Mac!


Am I right in thinking the last two keys will be given out at Kanata Ford on Friday?


@Hepi Yes to Kanata Ford, but there is also the results of the weekly draw from last week, that their website says will be awarded tomorrow… (can’t enter anymore)…


@Drewdles if the prices you found with the suite owner presale hold up for us regular schmucks, tix from Cosmo will be the only way I’ll be going to see Fleetwood Mac…:frowning_face:


Boom 997 also has tix this week to giveaway on their morning show…


@mikey2shoes Looks like our Suite pre-purchase was for Platinum tix (normally presale is just normal tix). Just looked online at AMEX presale, tix for $69.50 currently…