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Monday 4th June 2018


Good morning all.

It’s a tad damp out there, so I recommend brolleys and coats today!!!


Happy wet Monday all. @Hepi, brolley and rain jacket were in full effect this morning.

Speaking of “brolleys”, we went to watch a local performance of “Mary Poppins - the musical” up the valley yesterday. It’s amazing the tallent there is hiding in some of the small towns.


Good afternoon all, sorry busy morning, just getting to poking my head in now… Very damp, rushed home from the cottage last night, put down some dirty and grass and fertilizer just before the storm hit… Hoping it rains some more too to keep it moist and saving my manually watering…
Still oodles, not millions of caterpillers on the cottage, clumps of them all the way up trees and they keep losing grip and every 10 seconds or so another falls so I can stomp on him… mosquitos still aren’t too bad, but lots of dragonflys to gobble them up… Nothing likes caterpillers, not the fish, not the ants, no the birds, nothing…

Washing machine is leaking so I have to try and figure out what is leaking tonight, hoping to not have to buy a new one…