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Monday 7th May 2018


Good Morning All

Guess this will be a quiet week aftewr T4B keys are all gone.


Good morning everyone. Yep @Hepi, I think you are right. Oh well, as @Drewdles said on Friday, we’ll just have to wait for Toys 20…


Good morning. Well the keys may be gone, but at least we can cheer for one of the lucky RW’ers next week that they are the big winner.

Power has been out at the cottage since Friday, big tree on neighbours property took down the lines. Forecasted restoration keeps getting pushed back, now tonight at 11pm. It seems to be one of the larger outages in the area but clearly in no rush. Did some work up there yesterday to get things ready to really open it up this weekend… although the forecast isn’t looking so hot :frowning: or dry :frowning:

Have a great day!


Hoping TOYS20 being a nice big anniversary that they will double up on prizes or something…


That would be nice - maybe a few more keys?