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Monday April 29th, 2019


Good Monday morning all and good luck to all still trying to get a key!


Text now @Hepi @Drewdles @nursehilda @Greg @kellyka @haw @oh34rn @Burt @cato07 Good luck everyone!


Text now and good luck! @thebuzz @Sandman @Vkvk @Sassy @sueplay @Bustyb


Fingers crossed that one of you wins the key!


Thanks @mikey2shoes still keeping us in the game even though you have a key. Appreciate it. I was going to post - you beat me.


@sueplay I’m working from home today, so I have the luxury of posting from my personal laptop (can’t access radiowall at work so I have to use my cell to post when at work). At home I also have the luxury of cranking the radio so I don’t miss the cue… :wink:


Good Monday Mornin gang! @mikey2shoes - Congrats on snagging a key and good luck to everyone else. Cheers!


well missed my last chance to snag a key via c2t… hopefully can get a last minute key from one of the remotes! was the very last person to win a key in 2017 so i still have hope!


Good morning all. I thought I had heard TJ say last week there would be a last chance this morning, but listened from 6am to 7:30 and Doc & Woody made no mention, so turned it off assuming maybe he meant the key was for the weekly winner or something. So thank you @mikey2shoes for the last shot at the C2T keys, but alas, they did not pick me…

For those who went to Import Car Center last time, how was the parking nearby? And how is the traffic in that area during rush hour? Debating if I try and go…

@oh34rn Exactly, never give up hope on a key…

Have a good day all…

ps. Anyone know why TJ isn’t on today? He posted on twitter a short time ago?


@Drewdles i went to import last time and just parked on the side street beside it. i think it was around 430-5 when i got there and wasn’t to hectic!


Ah-ha, Cosmo is off for today, so TJ is doing noon to 6pm instead and I guess Doc or Woody or whomever it was stayed on till noon…


@Drewdles I went to Import Car Centre as well and I came from Golden Palace and the traffic was usual. I was able to park on site, it was maybe 4:30-5:00pm.


@oh34rn @Drewdles I got a key once before and it was at a remote - Mark Motors Audi on Hunt Club. I think it might have been the last remote of the contest that year too, so for sure don’t give up hope yet.

Also, TJ talked about 3 more chances, Import Car Centre Thursday, Fitness Depot Friday, and Guildcrest Saturday but shouldn’t there also be an Instagram draw from all the instagram posts since the first GuildCrest Instagram winner? Although, with Chez’s track record, they probably messed that one up and were not supposed to do that first Instagram draw at GuildCrest but were actually only supposed to do 1 instagram draw at the end of the contest… which likely means that all the Instagram posts since then have been for nothing…


@mikey2shoes I read the rules and added up 163 chances to qualify, but odds say 1 in 164, so perhaps there is a key left that didn’t make the rules…


@Drewdles that would be nice.