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Monday April 2nd. 2018


Good Monday Mornin Gang! I hope everyone had a Happy Easter!

Don’t forget, the daily, hourly ballot entries for a key has resumed!


Good morning, glad to see I am not the only one up at this hour @Hummer.

Busy weekend, Saturday full of errands, headed across town to watch nephew’s playoff hockey game, then back to their place for drinks. Sunday they along with other family came across town to our place. And now I am one of the few suckers off to work today. And then off to the final Sens home game tonight!

Good luck fellow RW’ers this week, if the trend continues ONE of us will be getting lucky by the end of the week!


Cue to txt now! @hummer @hepi @mikey2shoes


Good Morning All.

Getting back into the time zone slowly.

Thanks for the reminders…


Busy day yesterday with family all over for Easter dinner, and now just finishing up a big breakfast for friends. Trying to do the hourly entries, but not likely to catch the cue to texts today. I appreciate the heads up though @Drewdles.


Cue to text in the next 3 songs…


Cue to text is now!!! @hepi @hummer @mikey2shoes


Winner of the key was Brooke


Bahh, missed your heads up by 10 minutes…lol


Cosmo’s cue to txt is now!!! @hepi @Hummer @mikey2shoes


Key winner was Barb


Unfriggin believable…Chez called me after I did my txting…my cell died just as I answered their call…arrrggh! I’ve neen trying to call Chez from my house phone…no answer…so they obviously drew the next txt entry!..bastards!