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Monday, April 8, 2019


@Radiowallers…Good Morning. Good Luck to win a key today.


@Radiowallers… Have a great week and Good Luck on getting a key to all.


Good Monday morning. Good luck to all


Text xhez now the cue is early today


Good morning all! Hope everyone enjoyed the warmer weekend


Text now @Hepi @mikey2shoes @nursehilda @snowwhite @Greg @kellyka @haw @oh34rn @Burt @cato


Sorry for the slowness

Text now and good luck! @thebuzz @Sandman @Vkvk @Sassy


Spacewalk with Canadian astronaut starts shortly.


Dj, TJ says the cue will be in the next 30 min


Good morning all… Back to the grind today of trying to get a key…

Got my vegetables pre-planted inside on the weekend (mostly hot peppers, etc), think I went overboard on the lighting though, plugged in all my grow lights and the power meter shows it draws 216 watts…

Was driving over to my parents on the weekend, was turning the corner to their street and driveway and the car just died… Was weird… Chez 106 was still playing though, it was like it stalled, but then I couldn’t turn the key to off or to start it again, couldn’t put it in park… Got out to see if my dad could push me fully around the corner to the driveway, and while he was getting his shoes on, I got back on and turned the key to on and then was able to put it in park and start it… Hopefully not the alternator, but don’t think the 4 ways and radio would still work… And drove to the gas station and home just fine after that…

Enjoyed Saturday, cleaned out the gutters, took down the xmas lights, fixed some potholes in the driveway, etc.

Girlfriend gets back from a warm destination this evening, she isn’t going to be happy when she hears the forecast for tomorrow (she didn’t want to leave as it was so warm and sunny)…

Was such a crazy last few days last week I even forgot about Facebook Thursdays… Hoping this week gets back to normal. Super quiet at work, everyone is a wimp and stays home with the slightest bit of inclimate weather…

Luckily this Friday, the onsite remotes start up again, but the “LIMITED PARKING AVAILABLE” means it might be a gong show:
Fri April 12 from 3:00pm-6:45pm @ Import Car Centre (880 Merivale Rd) limited parking available

ps. Doc and Woody are watching the Spacewalk too they commented on it before TJ took over…

** amended, just read the Dr. Keon died yesterday. He did so much for the Heart Institute.


Text now @Hepi @mikey2shoes @nursehilda @snowwhite @Greg @kellyka @haw @oh34rn @Burt @cato07


Text now and good luck! @thebuzz @Sandman @Vkvk @Sassy


Text now! @Drewdles @snowwhite @Sandman


Text now @Hepi @mikey2shoes @nursehilda @snowwhite @Greg @kellyka @haw @oh34rn @Burt @cato07


Text now and good luck! @thebuzz @Sandman @Vkvk @Sassy


All 3 slots today have done the c2t early in their shows


Thx @thebuzz for posting as we can only post 3 msgs in a row so I couldn’t post the cue till you posted.