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Monday June 10, 2019 - Jurassic Day

Today is the big day, do the Raptors take it all?

Had a great sunny weekend finally, got the boat in. Still lots of people who don’t even have docks in yet.

Pure Country 11am word for today is TENNESSEE @mikey2shoes

Thanks for the code @Drewdles.
Spent the weekend at a friend’s cottage a bit north of Perth. Helped put in 2 docks. Great weekend but the black flies were pretty annoying.
Hope the Raptors take it tonight. Going to try to stay up and watch the game but I’m still tired from the weekend and back to work this week so no sleeping in.

Nice, I fell asleep watching the game. Had gone to Don Cherry’s for dinner beforehand, and it was packed when we left around 8:30…
Our cottage is just South of Perth and North of Big Rideau.
Bugs haven’t been too bad…