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Monday June 3rd, 2019

Good morning all, hope everyone escaped the Tornado last night. Can’t believe it is June and we still don’t have the boat in the water. Heck lots of people don’t even have their docks in yet.

On an aside, here’s a new contest for @Hummer for Stone’s tickets…

@Drewdles, I can’t believe the weather this spring. I got the tornado warning on my cell and on the tv. We are south of the city and wouldn’t have known if we hadn’t got the messages. We had pretty much blue skies.
That’s a cool contest on Boom. Unfortunately I can’t get that station at work. Oh well.

11:00am Pure Country code word is FISHING

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@mikey2shoes We got the warnings on the phones out in Kanata, but not on the tv. My girlfriends sister and her husband in Orleans didn’t get the warning on their phones, nor did the friends they were visiting. Her husband did get the notification on his work phone, kind of ironic since they were much closer to it than us. We had sunny skies in Kanata too for the most part…

@mikey2shoes 4pm word June 3rd - COOLER

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Thanks @Drewdles. When I saw your post and went to enter the 4pm code I realized I hadn’t entered the 11am code. Posted it bit forgot to enter it…lol.