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Monday Mar.18th. 2019


Good Monday Mornin Gang! - Congrats @Crackintoes on snagging a Toys 20 Key! Party Time! See you there! Good Luck to everyone and hopefully another R-Waller will get a key today.


Good luck to everyone today.


Text now @Hepi @mikey2shoes @nursehilda @snowwhite @Greg @kellyka @haw @oh34rn @Burt @cato07


TXT now @Sandman @chesne


Good Monday morning all and good luck getting a key!
Congrats on getting a key last Friday @Crackintoes!

Oh and text now everyone!

@Hummer, @Greg using Brave browser now.


when do they do the insta draws from the remotes?


I think they draw the names on location at the end of the remote time (in the last 15 min). They used to announce the winners on air right away but it seems like they don’t any more.
Oops never mind, just realized you’re asking about the Instagram draws. I’m not even sure they are doing instagram draws at each remote? I know they have the camera there but I haven’t heard them actually talk about giving away an Instagram key in a while. I also don’t see anything in the “Social media” section of the “rules page” about Instagram as a way of winning a key, only Facebook. As usual, they don’t seem very organized…


i did hear cosmo announce the winners on saturday, but you’re right that was re first time!


Morning All. Spring arrives this week! Maybe Old Man Winter didn’t get the memo :thinking::unamused:

Met with Cosmo on Saturday at Rideau Carleton signed my ballot and GTF outta there before the slots or buffet can call my name!
Dang! Should’ve taken a selfie for the Instagram contest


@mikey2shoes - That’s great…I use it on my PC at home …t/y for supporting Radiowall.


Morning all… Drove out to the Raceway on the weekend. Not much was happening at the booth, the two people manning it had their faces in their phones… Didn’t see Cosmo… But that drive didn’t get me the key I so much wanted… Didn’t stick around after either…

I know at Guildcrest they actually video’d them drawing the winners and announcing the names…

Good luck this week to all!


Ha. I actually meant to tag @Greg in my Brave browser comment. Sometimes I forget that you two are not the same person.


@mikey2shoes - Oh! but I am the same…ole RockinRoll dude! :laughing:


TJ’s Cue will be after noon today…


10-4 good buddy


They did an Instagram draw for Guildcrest. The lady manning the booth told people the draw would be on Friday, to give us ol’ folks a chance to figure out the ins & outs of the IG entry (receive picture by text; post it to IG; tag Chez, Guildcrest, and one other sponsor; include #TOYS20). I was a little perturbed (p!ssed) when I noticed the winners were already posted on Tuesday. Great odds for those that posted right away though, as when I posted mine on Tuesday, there were a total of 40 entries who’d done it right. - And with that long winded post, I’ve clearly revealed that I’m a female RWer. :grin:


TJ the DJ just updated C2T time as being some time in the next 60 minutes. Given he originally said the cue will be after noon seems it might be between 12:00 and 12:30… but I wouldn’t rule out it coming before noon…


@Crackintoes, I got my Instagram entry in fast for Guildcrest and was liking the odds too. I’m just wondering if there will actually be Instagram draws for Overflow and Rideau Carleton or are they just using it for publicity now. I totally missed the Instagram at Overflow and had to ask the kids that were manning the desk at Rideau Carleton. When I asked them about it, they just asked if I had Instagram and then said “sure you can get a picture if you want”.


@mikey2shoes I think they are giving away keys for Instagram:
•During the Entry Period, there will be Live Show Broadcasts on the dates below, the details of which will be posted at in the Contest information posting. At each such Live Show Broadcast, individuals will have the opportunity to complete and submit a ballot on site. Two (2) Qualifiers will be drawn at random by a Station representative from the eligible ballots received at each Live Show Broadcast and will receive Keys for the Grand Prize draw. One (1) additional Qualifier will be selected randomly from among all qualifying photos taken in the photo booth on site at each location and posted to Instagram. To qualify, a potential Qualifier must tag 1061 Chez, Guildcrest Homes and one additional contest sponsor in the photo. To qualify, the photo must also be posted using the #contest hashtag. One entry per person per location.


Glad to see you read more thoroughly than I do @Drewdles…lol :+1: